Board of Directors 2021

Hello! We are the current Board of Directors! Learn more about us here!

Natalie Chuen

Chairwoman of Polydemia

Studying: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, EPQ
Career: Medicine

Hey! My name is Natalie Chuen. I am the chair of Polydemia and I’m excited to lead our volunteers in the upcoming academic year of 2021. I am an aspiring medic that would like to specialize in dermatology in the future. In my free time I enjoy photography, knitting scarves and hats and running with friends. I hope to guide Polydemia to be an enabling and friendly environment for our volunteers and students to thrive in.

Bob Lee

Head of Service Management

Studying: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Economics
Career: Engineering

I’m Bob, head of service manager. I’m “easy going” by my friends’ word. Usually, I take part in the tutor allocation or ask one of the managers to help when there’s a new student. Also, most of the email sent to the Polydemia will be replied by either Natalie or me.

Terence Kei

Head of Video Creators

Studying: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics,
AS Economics
Career: Veterinary Medicine

Hi! I’m Terence, the head of the video creating sector of Polydemia! As an aspiring vet, I love animals, working with people and science! In my free time, I enjoy reading audiobooks, playing video games and learning new things online.

As the head of video creators, I lead a team of students who work on producing short educational videos. We strive to keep improving and hope they are of use to you!

I also help out with a bunch of administrative tasks such as writing emails, managing spreadsheets and creating this website (with guidance from the promotions team). I do just about whatever needs to be done!

I joined Polydemia a little later than the other board members, but have thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering. On behalf of the video creators team, we hope you find the videos helpful!

Michelle Lam

Head of Marketing

Studying: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics
Career: Medicine

Nice to meet you! I am Michelle, the head of the promotion department at Polydemia and a biology tutor. I study Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Economics in A-LevelsI am passionate about studying medicine at university. My team and I ensure that our educational resources are accessible to every student in need. have enjoyed seeing my students picking up concepts they missed out at school and managing exams better after our lessons. 

Zirong Song

Head of Quality Assurance

Studying: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology
Career: Medicine

Hi! My name is Zirong and I am in charge of the quality assurance department. I also tutor chemistry, in which I hold a strong passion to make it enjoyable for everyone. Currently, I am studying triple Sciences and Maths in A levels. I hope to teach you all soon! 

Jammas Chan

Supervisor | Head of Design




The Board of Directors is a group of Year 13 students who manage Polydemia at the administrative level. The position is transferred annually to selected volunteers who have shown dedication towards the charity. Meet the previous Board members here.