Meet the Promotions Team!

We are the team behind the aesthetic side of Polydemia, and getting the word out about our volunteering services!

Meet the Team!

Michelle Lam (Head of Promotions)

Nice to meet you! I am Michelle, the head of the promotion department at Polydemia and a biology tutor. I study Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Economics in A-LevelsI am passionate about studying medicine at university. My team and I ensure that our educational resources are accessible to every student in need. have enjoyed seeing my students picking up concepts they missed out at school and managing exams better after our lessons. 

Beatrice Chan (Promotions Manager)

I’m Beatrice! I’m part of the Promotions Team in Polydemia, and I help run the website and Instagram account! I’ve also worked as a tutor for Biology and Chemistry. I’m an aspiring medic, and I like music and cooking in my spare time.