Meet the Fundraising Team!

We are a group of volunteers who organise fundraising events to raise money to keep our tutoring services free!

Tiramisu Bake Sale (11th November 2021)

We had a very successful bake sale at Oxford International College today, selling out all our tiramisu in the first few hours! We had a lot of fun making and selling the food to others as the first fundraising event of the year.

Check out how we made the tiramisu by hand here!


Meet the Team!

Grace Wong (Head of Fundraising)

Hello! I am Grace, the head of fundraising this year, an A2 student studying physics, biology, chemistry and maths. I mainly organise activities and sales that raise funds for our charity. In the past year, we hosted multiple food and festive sales, and will certainly continue to do so this year. Feel free to come and support us! 😀