Exam Tips

Below are the secret tips from us who got outstanding GCSE grades. They are simple to follow and will definitely make the difference to get you to the next grade boundary.


Tip 1:

Don’t do any actual past papers until 2 weeks before the exams. This is because resources are limited and you don’t want to use all of them in the beginning.


Tip 2:

Study the mark schemes. GCSE and A-Level examiners only look at “keywords”, so highlight all the key terms and make your own key-term booklet. This will allow you to minimise the time used and have you to smash every single question!


Tip 3:

Always explain what you are doing for calculating questions. This is to prevent you from dropping all the marks from silly maths mistakes.


If you do none of the common exam boards, we would recommend you to start from AQA because they provide the most resources. Feel free to contact us to ask for more resources! 🙂