Meet the Service Managers!

We are the students behind the day-to-day logistics of Polydemia! We help with timetabling, quality checks and represent Polydemia’s administrative team. Learn more about us here!

Meet the Team!

Bob Lee (Head of Service Management)

I’m Bob, head of service manager. I am currently studying double math, physics and economics. I’m “easy going” by my friends’ word. Usually, I take part in the tutor allocation or ask one of the managers to help when there’s a new student. Also, most of the email sent to the Polydemia will be replied by either Natalie or me. 

Zirong Song (Head of Quality Assurance)

Hi! My name is Zirong and I am in charge of the quality assurance department. I also tutor chemistry, in which I hold a strong passion to make it enjoyable for everyone. Currently, I am studying triple Sciences and Maths in A levels. I hope to teach you all soon! 

Adam Yeung (Service Manager)

Hi! As an aspiring medic, giving back to the community has always been my dream. With Polydemia, not only can I do that, but I can also transfer my knowledge to my peers. With over 40 hours of teaching, I can assure you that Polydemia can improve your grades!